Virtual Visit


  • In order to do a virtual visit you should have, a computer, smart phone, or tablet with a camera and internet access.
  • If you have no access to any of those devices a visit can be done over a standard telephone.
  • Co-pays and insurance deductibles apply to virtual visits!!
  • A staff member will contact you prior to your appointment time to collect any necessary payment
  • If using a computer visit: and in the upper right hand of the page click "join a meeting" and if you have not used Zoom on your computer already, click the orange arrow to download Zoom
  • Our staff will provide you with a meeting ID and password
  • If using a smartphone please download the Zoom app prior to the time of your visit
  • Once you have been provided a meeting ID and password by the technician, please enter that into your Zoom application and then you will begin your virtual visit with Dr. Steinberg!