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Our staff is dedicated to providing the latest and greatest in vision care. Conveniently located in both Fishkill, NY, and Poughkeepsie, NY, we have served Dutchess County for over 20 years! In addition to state of the art drop-less cataract refractive surgery, we also provide glaucoma treatment including laser and minimally invasive surgical interventions. We also offer the latest advancements in laser vision correction services such as Lasik.

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Dr. David Steinberg is the leading Ophthalmologist in Dutchess County and performs over 1000 surgeries per year. He started his practice 20 years ago and built his patient base up from zero to over 40,000 by simply making each patient happy one at a time. As an innovator in vision care, Dr. Steinberg was an early adopter of premium lenses, dropless surgery, and the use of digital marker for astigmatism correction. He also offers state of the art technology for laser vision correction. As a mentor to his staff he personally ensures his technicians have the best and most recent knowledge of the field and supports them as they seek further certifications both professionally and financially. He is never afraid to pivot and make changes to support who his patients are as individuals. An appointment with Dr. Steinberg is an appointment for personalized care.

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