Cataracts with Precision- Angela & Ron

By skaufman
Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 7:04 PM

At Dr. Steinberg's practice, we understand the frustration of worsening vision and constantly changing glasses because of cataracts. That's why we offer cataract surgery with multifocal premium lens implants, which greatly reduce your reliance on glasses. At Precision Eye and Laser, we also understand the patients' concerns about undergoing cataract surgery. We make the process as comfortable as possible, with no surgical eye drops. It's a single appointment with open lines of communication from beginning to end with Dr. Steinberg and our staff. Angela and Ron both had cataract surgery. They now have minimal use for glasses and can enjoy the convenience of clear uncorrected vision. Book your cataract evaluation and speak with a highly trained staff member today! Call us at (845) 897-9500.


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