Cataracts with Precision- Kenneth

By skaufman
Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 6:09 PM

No more eyedrops! Cataract surgery shouldn't be a worry and we work to make it easy. Drop less surgery is our answer! Many of our patients are unsure about how they will manage cataract surgery. Their biggest worry is usually eyedrops. "How am I going to take all those eye drops while I'm working? How am I going to get them in by myself? What if I miss? What if I run out?" WE AGREE! Since 2019, Team Precision has been using an innovative advancement with our cataract surgeries in which we instill the medication you need for healing while we are doing the surgery. The results are fantastic and we love it for our patients as much as they love it for the convenience. If your concerned about cataracts or your vision has changed, call our office to speak to a highly trained staff member and book an evaluation. (845)-897-9500


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