Cataracts with Precision- Tim

By skaufman
Wednesday, June 7, 2023, 7:49 PM

It is Cataract Awareness Month and Team Precision can talk about cataracts all day long! Today we are back to showcase one of our amazing patients we've treated for cataracts this year. Patient Tim Marriott was a joy to have around the office and we were happy to restore his vision. Cataracts can cause so many disruptions to your daily life. From glare during nighttime drives, to darkened blurred vision, cataracts can be very inconvenient. We have a ton of experience helping treat this common condition and do over 1000 surgeries each year. Tim was one such surgery. He had this to say:

"From my initial call for Cataract Surgery through the prep appointment, surgery, and follow up, everything has gone as described without any surprises. Caring and friendly staff; open, available and through doctor, and surgical outcome beyond my expectations. This has been a fantastic experience and I am very glad I called Doctor Steinberg's office."

Congratulations Tim! If your vision has changed or you've been diagnosed with cataracts, call our office today. We are ready and happy to help.


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