Staff Highlight- Toni

By skaufman
Thursday, January 26, 2023, 2:36 PM

Welcome to January's Team Precision Staff Highlight! Toni is our featured staff member this month and is one of our well known and well-loved technicians. She works as a scribe, surgery coordinator and Lasik coordinator. Having been with us for over 14 years she has seen the practice through many changes and we love having her on our team. Hear from her below:

"I've been with Precision Eye and Laser working alongside Dr. Steinberg for over 14 years. In all that time my appreciation for my job has only increased as we have consistently continued to learn and grow together as a team. I am very lucky to be in an environment where continued education is supported and encouraged. I also love to see patients! Scribing with the doctor, I get to see patients at all stages of their vision journeys. I also double as the Lasik Coordinator and just seeing the difference that correction makes for our patients really makes me love this job. Having our patients come in and share stories about all the things they love to do, now that they can see, is the best. Being cross-trained at nearly all departments in the practice, I really get to stay with my patients from beginning to end. I couldn't do it, though, without the overwhelming support I've always received from both Dr. Davide and Dr. Vicky Steinbergs, especially during hard times. Plus, I wouldn't miss Dr. D's Christmas remixes for anything in the world! There is just always joy to be found and great people to work with."

WE are the ones incredibly lucky to have you Toni! Thank you for being a part of this team.


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